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Key to the British Drilidae & Lampyridae

For more information on LAMPYRIDAE click HERE.


Head prognathous and visible beyond the pronotum. Without luminous organs. [Female pronotum transverse and only slightly narrower than the mesonotum.] Male 7-8mm. Female 20-25mm.

Head concealed beneath expanded anterior pronotal margin.


Elytra entire, covering the abdomen.

Elytra reduced or absent.

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Form narrower. Pronotum only obscurely, if at all, translucent. 10-12 mm.

Form broader. Pronotum with 2 distinct translucent windows from near the anterior margin. 8-10mm.

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Elytra reduced.

Elytra absent.

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Pronotum with 2 distinct translucent windows.  Antennae narrower, filiform.  9-11mm.

Pronotum without translucent windows.  Antennae broader, segments quadrate or weakly transverse. 6-8mm.

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Larger >12mm. Antennomeres elongate.

Smaller <10mm Antennomeres transverse.

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