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Key to the British CICINDELINAE

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Labrum black, with a keel along the centre. Body black, or almost so, and to some extent bronze metallic. Elytra characteristic; without a pale apical mark, and with random small fovea on the disc.

Labrum pale and smooth.


Pronotum quadrate, pro-episterna glabrous or nearly so. Elytra characteristic, with pale marks confined to the lateral margins.

Pronotum transverse, pro-episterna densely pubescent. With pale markings on the elytral disc.

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Bright metallic green or, rarely, blue. Elytra characteristic; generally with 5 discreet pale marks. Labial palps dark.

Brown, although under strong light a green hue is usually obvious. Elytra with 3 pale marks. Labial palps usually pale towards the base.

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Median pale elytral mark characteristically angled. Elytra proportionally more dilated towards the apex.

Median pale elytral mark more regularly transverse. Elytra more regularly curved from the shoulder to the apex.

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