Trox sabulosus  (Linnaeus, 1758) 

Suborder:      POLYPHAGA Emery, 1886

Superfamily:  SCARABAEOIDEA Latreille, 1802

Family:           TROGIDAE MacLeay, 1819

Genus:           Trox Fabricius, 1775

A very local species recorded sporadically across central England with scattered records south to Hampshire and north to Cumbria. They generally occur in dry situations; sandy heaths and dunes etc. where the adults occur among animal remains, bones, horns etc. On the continent they almost always occur on sandy soils. Adults fly by day and stridulate.

8-10mm. Entirely dark brown to black with the antennae, legs and sometimes the pronotal margins paler. Head and pronotum with dense broad and shallow punctures. Eyes narrowly visible from above; partly covered by a narrow and raised canthus. Clypeus strongly narrowed anteriorly to an obtuse angle. Head fringed with pale golden or yellow setae, first two antennal segments broad, with similar setae. Pronotum broadest at or in front of the middle, lateral margins explanate and narrowly bordered. Front angles strongly produced. Disc with a central longitudinal impression and two either side. Hind angles sharp and hind margin produced to the centre. Lateral and hind margins fringed with broad golden scales. Elytra very convex, the apex not visible from above. Sutural stria at least as broad as the adjacent interstices; interstices 1,3,5 and 7 raised and with a series of strong tubercles which bear erect or semi erect scales. The strength of these tubercles varies and in some specimens they may be almost obsolete. Intermediate interstices not raised, and with small tubercles, patches of scales or flat. Towards the centre the interstices are transversely wrinkled between the tubercles. Striae wide and more or less flat, becoming deeply impressed towards the apex. Elytral margins fringed with small, backwardly pointing golden scales. All tibiae strongly toothed on the outer margin, and with rows of short setae on the dorsal surface. Front tibiae with a single, stout apical spur, middle and hind tibiae with two; the uppermost much longer.

Trox sabulosus

Trox sabulosus

Trox sabulosus

Trox sabulosus

Similar Species
Trox perlatus
  • Generally larger (7-12mm).
  • Antennal pubescens dark.
  • Elytral tubercles posterioly with black scales.
  • Extremely rare - south coast.
Trox scaber
  • Smaller (5-8mm).
  • Elytral pubescence darker.
  • Sutural stria less than half the width of the first and second interstices.

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