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Key to the British Tetratomidae

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Antennae with a loose and elongate 4-segmented club. Less elongate and more compact species with almost parallel-sided elytra which are continuously curved apically.

Antennae filiform, not clubbed. More elongate, elytra gently curved and separately rounded apically.

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Antennal club less abrupt; the segments only a little broader than those preceding. Anterior pronotal margin not bordered. [Dorsal surface glabrous; punctation on pronotum and elytra about equal in density and strength.] Head and pronotum dark, elytra dark with various pale markings.

Antennal club more abrupt; the segments at least twice as wide as those preceding. Anterior pronotal margin finely bordered.


Dorsal surface glabrous. Head and pronotum coarsely punctured, elytra punctation a little finer, becoming indistinct apically. Head dark, pronotum red and elytra shiny blue.

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Dorsal surface with even and fine recumbent pubescence. Elytra a little more strongly punctured than the pronotal disc. Entirely dark green.

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