Key to the British PYROCHROIDAE

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Adult key

Pale red or orange, disc of the pronotum dark. Basal angle of the head obtuse, narrower than the width across the eyes.  Male head with a deep depression either side of a median ridge. Female head simple. Elytra with shallow furrows. 7-9mm.

Pronotum and elytra entirely red. Basal angles of the head acute and wider than the width across the eyes. Male head deeply depressed between the eyes, in the female this depression is shallow.  Surface of the elytra smooth; without longitudinal depressions, lateral margins narrowly explanate. 12-20mm.


Head and scutellum black, otherwise vivid red. Male antennae more strongly pectinate. 14-20mm.


Entire upper surface red. Male antennae pectinate, female serrate. 12-15mm.

Larva key

Urogomphi curved.


Urogomphi straight.


Eighth tergite simple.


Eighth tergite with a raised transverse ridge near the base.

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