Key to the British Oxytelinae

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Tarsi 5-segmented.

Tarsi 3-segmented.


Forebody strongly punctured and distinctly metallic. Tibiae smooth. 2.5-3.0mm

Forebody much less strongly punctured and not metallic. Size larger, 6-9mm


Punctures on elytra forming distinct striae. Tibiae with spines along out edge. Entire body black or very dark. 6.5-7.0mm.

Elytra without punctured striae. Pronotum and/or elytra pale.


Anterior and middle tibiae without spines. Elytra much broader than pronotum and pronotum with a wide and deep basal depression. 6.5-7.0mm.

Anterior and middle tibiae with spines along the outer margin. Elytra more elongate and only slightly wider than the pronotum. Pronotum smooth across the base. 5.0-6.5mm


Tibiae smooth; without spines along the outer margin.

Tibiae with spines along the outer margin.


Elytra diverging along the suture towards the apex, usually exposing the wings. Pronotum quadrate to transverse and only weakly narrowed towards the base. Mostly smaller species; 1.0-2.25mm.

Elytra abutting to the apex of the suture. Pronotum clearly more strongly narrowed to the base than towards the apex. Mostly larger species; 1.5-4.0mm.


Elytra densely pubescent, elongate and much wider than the pronotum. 3.0-3.5mm

Elytra sparsely pubescent, and if elongate then only slightly wider than the pronotum. 1.5-4.0mm.


Pro-tibiae with 2 rows of spines along the outer margin. Pronotum with a central longitudinal impression or a smooth median line. Prothorax and elytra separated by a broad pedicel. Form parallel-sided and convex. 2.5-7.0mm.

Pro-tibiae with a single row of spines along the outer margin. Pronotum variously sculptured, prothorax and elytra not pedunculate, form flatter.


Pronotum with a single longitudinal channel. 2.2-4.5mm.

Pronotum variously sculptured but not with a single central channel.


Pronotum with 3 longitudinal depressions on the disc and large shallow depressions towards the lateral margins.

Pronotum not as above.


Scutellum cordate with a small median keel. 1.2-5.0mm.

Scutellum triangular and smooth. 2.5-5.0mm.


Entire lateral margin of pronotum visible from above. [Pronotum with a transverse impression towards the base.] 3.0-3.5mm.

Anterior margin of pronotum reflexed ventrally and not visible from above.


Elytra with punctured striae at least in the basal half. 2.0-2.5mm.

Elytral punctures randomly arranged.


Pronotum widely transverse with obsolete posterior angles and an arcuate longitudinal depression either side of the middle.  4.0-4.5mm.

Pronotum with a median longitudinal ridge and two oblique ridges either side towards the base. 3.0-5.0mm.

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