Key to the British Melandryidae

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Hind tibial spurs at least half the length of the first tarsomere.

Hind tibial spurs much less than half the length of the first tarsomere.

Anisoxya fuscula

Elytra broadest at or close to the base and narrowed to the apex. [Without any trace of striae]

Elytra parallel sided or broadest at the middle.


Pronotum without basal fovea.

Pronotum with two basal fovea.


Pronotal hind angles toothed, surface closely punctured. 4-6mm.

Pronotal hind angles not toothed, surface diffusely punctured.


Brown, elytra without striae. 6-9mm.

Black or with blue or green lustre. Elytra with striae. 9-15mm.

Zilora ferruginea

Elytra each with 2 costae, sometimes indistinct.

Elytra smooth.


Pronotum quadrate and dull. Eyes entire. 8-14mm.


Pronotum transverse and shiny. Eyes notched. 5-8mm.

Phloiotrya vaudoueri
Conopalpus testaceus

Pronotal margins explanate. 5-10mm. Hind femora in male enlarged and toothed below.

Osphya bipunctata

Pronotal margins simple.


2-4mm. Pronotum finely punctured; as the elytra or not so strongly.

6-9mm. Pronotal punctures larger than those on the elytra.

Xylita laevigata

Pronotum quadrate (elytra black with two pale maculae).

Pronotum transverse (elytra variable).


Pronotum black, pale elytral maculae strongly angled.

Abdera biflexuosa

Pronotum black with the anterior and posterior margins broadly pale, elytral maculae only weakly angled.

Abdera quadrifasciata

Antennae darkened medially, elytra reddish-yellow with two angled pale maculae.

Abdera flexuosa

Antennae entirely pale.


Pronotum much more transverse. Punctation of dorsal surface stronger. Antennae moniliform. Elytra dark; almost black, to yellow, with an obscure pale macula in the basal half and lighter towards the apex.

Abdera triguttata

Pronotum much less transverse. Punctation of entire dorsal surface very fine and even throughout. Antennae serrate. Mostly dark; almost black to dark-red, generally with the head and pronotum darker, elytra lighter at the shoulders, often only obscurely so.

Abdera affinis

Pronotum strongly narrowed from before the base to obscure or rounded anterior angles, pubescence recumbent and fine.

Melandrya barbata

Pronotum much less strongly narrowed from before the base to distinct, obtuse anterior angles, pubescence outstanding and setiform around the lateral margins.

Melandrya caraboides

Elytra testaceous with 4 or 5 black marks on each; the subapical mark transverse.

Orchesia undulata

Elytra unicolourous.


Antennomeres 9-11 wider and longer than the preceding. Dorsal aspect dark red to almost black. 3.5-5.5mm.

Orchesia micans

Antennae gradually broadened towards he apex, the last 4 segments wider but not longer, or only slightly so, than those preceding. Dorsal aspect red to very dark red. 2.5-3.8mm.

Orchesia minor