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Key to the British Endomychidae

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Pronotum quadrate, sinuate and distinctly constricted before the base. (Antennae distinctly clubbed)

Pronotum transverse and rounded laterally or species ≥4mm.


Antennae 11-segmented in both sexes.

Antennae 10-segmented in female, 9-segmented in male.

Holoparamecus caularum

Eyes tiny. 1.0-1.2mm.

Eyes occupying most of the lateral margin of the head. 1.3mm.

Holoparamecus singularis
Holoparamecus depressus

Small species <2mm. Tarsi clearly 4-segmented.

Larger species ≥4mm. Tarsi apparently 3-segmented; the small third segment obscured by the lobes of the second.


Pronotum less transverse and with a complete sub-lateral keel. 1.5-1.8mm.

Pronotum more transverse with a basal keel fading or absent around the middle. 1.9-2.1mm.

Mycetaea subterranea
Symbiotes latus

Pronotum broadest at the base, antennomeres 9 and 10 elongate. Characteristically coloured red with distinct black marks.

Pronotum broadest in front of the middle, antennomeres 9 and 10 transverse.


Entirely dark or with the appendages lighter. Elytra more acuminate apically and with a complete sutural stria. Male pro-tibia simple.

Red with a broad dark mark across the elytra. Elytra less acuminate apically and with the sutural stria fading towards the base. Male pro-tibia with a strong tooth on the inner margin.

Lycoperdina bovistae
Lycoperdina succincta
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